RoverGauge Cables and Connectors

At RideTron we have some experience with custom built Rover V8 powered sports cars. We’ve used the Rover 14CUX “hotwire” fuel injection, and find it to be a good, reliable system. One downside to the 14CUX system is that it predates OBD-II. Fortunately There’s a free program out there called “RoverGauge” that can communicate with the proprietary Rover diagnostic connector. This program requires a specifically programmed USB to serial cable, some additional hardware, and method of connecting to the Rover wiring harness. Unfortunately the Lucas 5-pin connector used has been obsolete for years.

RoverGauge will display real time information about sensors, engine status, and fuel map corrections. You can also log data. It’s very helpful when testing and tuning hotwire injection vehicles, as well as diagnosing potential sensor issues.

Having dealt with many Land Rovers including Range Rover Classics and the early Discovery models, as well as other Rover V8 powered vehicles, we’ve made it a point to collect all the mating connectors we come across in parts vehicles. We keep a handful of these around to build interface cables. Obviously this isn’t a high volume product, but we enjoy Land Rovers and Rover powered machines like MGB V8 and TR8 conversions. We’re happy to supply RoverGauge interface cables with the correct Rover connector for this niche market!

RoverGauge hotwire TTS connectors for 14CUX